Early Masters (13th–16th)

Khyungpo Tsültrim Gönpo

khyung po gnyis pa tshul khrims mgon po

13/14th cent.

Khyungpo Tsultrim Gonpo

Khyungpo Tsültrim Gönpo was born to father Pönpo Gone and mother Chemo Kinden in the female firebird year. His parents wanted him to become the head of their household since he was the first-born son.
Tsültrim Gön wanted to follow the path of Dharma and escaped from his home by taking the supplies of his brother who was supposed to become a monk.

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Jagchen Gyaltsen Bum

mkhas btsun 'jag chen rgyal mtshan 'bum


Jagchen Gyaltsen Bum

Jakpa Gyaltsen Bum was born to the wealthy Shudgye family at Konglam Tsatang. He recited the mani mantra as soon as he was capable. So, his father asked Drinchen Riwa to inform him about the lineage of Avalokiteshvara and teach him about the mani mantra.

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Nenyingpa Aï Sengé

Samdingpa Shönu Drub

mkhas grub bsam sdings pa gzhon nu grub

Circa 1250s/1260s-1319

Khédrup Samdingpa Shönu Drub

Shönu Drub was born in a farmer’s house at Nyang in Tibet.
He became a monk at the age of ten before the abbot Chimpa Yidshin Norbu and took full ordination at the age of twenty. Under the guidance of the teacher Lokyawa he excelled in learning.

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Khedrup Tsangma Shangtön

mkhas grub gtsang ma shangs ston


Khédrup Tsangma Shangtön

Khedrub Tsangma Shangtön was born into the Ra family at Kongya in Shang, and could read and write fluently by the time he was eight years old.
Khedrub Tsangma Shangtön felt no desire or greed and felt great revulsion for samsara while developing compassion and faith in the lamas and the three jewels.

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