Tibetan Forefathers (11th–13th)

Sangyé Tönpa

sangs rgyas ston pa

1207-1278 or 1213-1285

Sangye Tonpa

Sangye Tönpa Tsöndrü Senge was born to a Bönpo family. At his birth, the adept Amogha flew down from the sky to offer wondrous prophecies about the new born.

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Sangyé Nyentön

sangs rgyas gnyan ston

1175-1247 or 1255

Sangyé Nyentön

Rigongpa Chökyi Sherab was born to a family in Yol. Much like Mokchokpa and Kyergangpa before him, he was named after the locality where he spent many years meditating and teaching, Rigong.

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Öntön Kyergangpa

dbon ston skyer sgang pa

1154-1217 or 1143-1216

öntön Kyergangpa

From Mokchokpa, the great adept at Lhabu in Shang, he mastered the teachings on Clear Light, Dream Yoga, and Illusory Form and had uninterrupted vision of many deities. While Kyerganpa was practicing diligently, he was informed that his uncle Ba Thamche Khyenpa had passed away. Lama Kyergangpa was particularly devoted to the deity Hayagriva.

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Mokchokpa Rinchen Tsöndrü

rmog lcog pa rin chen brtson 'grus


Mokchokpa rinchen tsöndrü

Mokchokpa was born in the grasslands of Lhabu, in the Shang Valley of Namling County in Western Tibet. He begins his autobiography by informing us that he entered through the doors of the dharma at age sixteen or seventeen. Then he goes on to say that he spent about one year studying the monastic codes of conduct, the Vinaya.

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Khedrup Khyungpo Naljor

mkhas grub khyung po rnal 'byor


Khyungpo Naljor

The accomplished scholar Khyungpo Naljor was extraordinary, although much less famous than his contemporaries Naropa, Marpa and Milarepa. Khyungpo Naljor was considered by Jamgön Kongtrül to be one of the greatest yogis ever to have existed in Tibet.

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