Modern Masters (18th–20th)

Kahthok Rigdzin Tsewang Norbu

kaHthog rig 'dzin tshe dbang nor bu


Lama Norbu Döndrub

bla ma nor bu don grub


Lama Norbu Töndrup

Having been the principal lineage-holder of the teachings and transmissions of the Shangpa Kagyü at the time, prior to the arrival of the young Kalu Rinpoche at Tsadra Rinchen Drak, he dreamed of the Six-armed Mahakala one night, the main Shangpa protector, who appeared with a white silk-shawl, to welcome the new lineage-holder.

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Karma Shenpen Öser

karma gzhan phan 'od zer

18th cent.

Shalu Losal Tenkyong

zhwa lu blo gsal bstan skyong


Shalu Losel Tenkyong

Losal Tenkyong was born in the upper Nyang region of Tsang. His mother died early and he was brought up by a nun who was a student of one of the great masters of this time, Tsechokling Yeshé Gyaltsen. Losal Tenkyong was then eventually recognized as the incarnation of Drupwang Losal Tsengyen (1727-1802).

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