The Shangpa Foundation is invested in the continued development of both shedra (scholastic) and drupdra (practice based) programs.  Several shedra programs are already in existence and Shangpa retreat centers and retreat programs are being developed across the world according to the paradigm set by Kalu Ranjung Kunchab.  These include trainings before, during, and after the traditional three-year retreat program. The Shangpa Foundation also seeks to foster connections and collaborations between retreat centers worldwide to share resources, expertise, and experience.

International Teacher Council

Several teacher councils have been developed in recent years in various local sanghas to define and continue the transmissions of their founders.  The Shangpa Foundation has proposed to develop an International Shangpa Teacher Council that would facilitate cooperation between local councils and to train Shangpa lamas and enhance the quality and continuity of the lineage as a whole.  Teacher training courses have been developed to cultivate these goals, and to enable teachers to make relevant contributions to contemporary society.