The Shangpa Kagyu Resource Center

Sharing and preserving works of the Shangpa Kagyu Tradition

This collaborative and multilingual project enables the sharing and preservation of authentic documents of the Shangpa tradition. It is also a valuable database for translation work, research and university studies.  This project is intended to foster a sense of sisterhood and brotherhood among members of the lineage and to facilitate cooperation and exchanges in projects of common interest, thereby enriching the lineage and its teachings.

  • Contents

    The Shangpa Kagyu Resource Center’s contents are continuously increasing. It will contain:

    • Documents about Kalu Dorje Chang: text, video and audio documents of his teachings, photos,etc.
    • Shangpa texts in UNICODE, translations, tangkas, and other useful documents for the lineage.
  • Access

    There are different access levels for students, practitioners, lamas and vajracaryas. Access rights are given according to the instructions of the contents suppliers and of the advisory Lamas. All Shangpa Lamas have rights of access and are encouraged to participate.

  • Partnerships

    Under consideration now is a long-term collaboration with the TBRC (Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center), which for years has been continuously developing an online database that is accessible to all, collecting and classifying documents of the Tibetan Buddhist Traditions.

  • Contributions

    The Shangpa Kagyu Resource Center is a participative project that will evolve according to contributions, thanks to international collaboration.

    Masters, dharma centers and practitioners are welcome to participate in the gathering of documents that will benefit the Shangpa lineage and all sentient beings.

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