Meu Tönpa


rme'u ston pa

In the biography of Khyungpo Naljor, which depicts his six main disciples as a tree, Meu Tönpa is mentioned as :

“The trunk of the immaculate knowledge”, accomplished master of Manjusri and Yamantaka’s teachings.

This master is not mentioned in other known texts. It is to be noted that Meu Tönpa means “master of the Meu clan”, which was one of the six main clans of the kingdom of Shangshung (with the Khyung clan). At the time, Meu’s main seat was located in Shang valley. It is likely that Meu Tönpa was first a Bön master of this family.

Continuing up until the present day, the Meu clan has included many Bön practitioners and scholars. Among these is Samten G. Karmay, whose unique work gives us today an unique light on an ancestral nonpartisan vision associated with the Shangpa lineage that integrates both Bön and Buddhist traditions.